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MBK Fellows (2022 Inductees)

Jeremy Anthony — NYC-Brooklyn

“When they introduced me to the program I just fell in love with it and I kept going far with it through the wisdom of [my mentors]…. A lot of things I learned from MBK are definitely helping me out now…. MBK definitely had a good impact because it showed people [in the community] that people like us could go far in life and people like us could come together and do great things.”

Elliot Babilonia — NYC-Bronx

“It’s hard to see people make it out of this world and make it out of the hood…. MBK really gives opportunities to people like us… Now I know I need to use my voice to succeed and actually speak up…. Just being in MBK you become an advocate for your community….”

Nicholas-Ajani Davis — Ossining

“[MBK] helped a lot of kids to get their acts together when it comes to school and try to apply themselves and become better…. It has given us the chance to gain a lot of opportunity working with community leaders, having to gain that experience, sitting in their community meetings, listening and discussing things in our communities. Also [MBK] had people coming in, talking about financial literacy and cooking. It has definitely given us a lot of opportunities”

Robert Glover — Albany

“I wasn’t really the most confident person in what I do. I was really just drifting around, you know, kind of just aimless. It wasn’t until I graduated high school, and [MBK] was helping me through that process…helping me kind of just set what I wanted to do.”

Gideon Goldmann — Albany

“I got a lot from MBK, especially about Black history, and a voter registration job, getting kids to vote…. [It was tremendously helpful] having a mentor, constantly pushing me in the right direction. [MBK] just made me be more involved in my community…. and MBK made it easier for me to help people out.”

John Jarama — Ossining

“Connecting with advisers and having deep conversations and also receiving advice has helped; Receiving advice about real life and how stuff works.”

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Sethe Newman — Ossining

“MBK did a great job of making me more aware of what’s going on…. I have been able to lean on everyone, basically, everyone there…. I was able to lean on you, John, for last year as a friendly fellow and up in the program. I was able to lean on Dr. Shaw for any questions or anything regarding real life things out there….. So yeah, I will say MBK has had an extremely positive effect.”

Adriano Noah-Torres — Brentwood

“We learned things on how to actually behave in the workplace and how to dress and all that stuff was certainly a great life skill to have. MBK has made me a lot more social. I used to be very introverted and kept to myself, but MBK, really taught me how to express my voice….. With enough willpower, we can do anything.”

Marcus Treece — Albany

“I actually interviewed a mentor for this…. He mentored me throughout the whole year and we went to the DC trip, had a fun time there…. Just helping them out, and then they would help me out whenever they could. So I appreciate them….I would say [I gained] leadership skills and public speaking skills [from MBK]…. I had a lot of times where I had to speak in the community. I was kind of nervous at first, but I became prepared…so I’m glad that happened.”

Maximus Villanueva — Brentwood

“I feel like something that our MBK program does very well, is just able to talk about people who’ve gone through bad experiences, and just ending up having to just come out of it a better man.”